Why I Charge Permanent Jewelry By The Piece & Not By The Inch

I share topics in addition to talking about products to educate you so you can make the right decision for YOUR business. These conversations are important to creating a supportive permanent jewelry community! These blogs are not to tell you this is the only way. It is a way to share a different perspective. I want you to feel empowered and informed. I want you to have access to all the information you need. So with that said, let's jump into why I charge permanent jewelry by the piece and not by the inch:

Reason #1:
Most importantly, I don't want 2 friends to come in for matching bracelets & charge them a different price based on their body size. That doesn't feel right to me & I don't want them to feel hurt either. I want to give everyone the same fair price as well as striving to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Reason #2:
It's an extra step to measure the chain after it's fitted. The more time it takes to size & weld a permanent jewelry piece, the less time you have available to make more money. Management of time is so critical to your business, whether you're running a pop-up or taking appointments at a brick-and-mortar store.

Reason #3:
The difference in cost equals out. Due to different wrist sizes, some people will require more chain or less chain than others, which will balance out your costs. By doing this, everyone can enjoy the same quality and style without feeling left out. Do you pay less in a store if you fit into a small? No, of course not. Everyone should expect to pay the same amount, regardless of their size. This is the only way to ensure equal treatment for all.

Reason #4:
Most people do not know what their wrist size is, so they have no idea what their piece will cost until you ring them up. That leaves room for sticker shock & disappointment in pricing. This could lead customers to leave without making a purchase or feel frustrated that they didn't know what to expect to pay before coming to your pop-up or appointment.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you make informed decisions for you and your business. I want you to feel supported and encouraged. I know that owning a business comes with SO.MANY.DECISIONS and it can be hard to navigate all the information. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts on charging by piece rather than inch!