The Ultimate PJX Packing List

 PJX is right around the corner (!!!) and I wanted to give you some insight into what you should be packing.

2023 was the very first permanent jewelry expo and when I tell you it was a whirlwind…it was insane! 

There are really no guidelines (or rules) on what you should wear or pack so we thought it’d be helpful to share some inspiration since we were there last year.


Most of us are traveling to Vegas for PJX so of course you’ll need two comfortable travel outfits for the way there & back. Last year we arrived the day the conference started and took the red eye on our way out. Needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED and comfortable travel outfits were key!

PJX runs over three days so you’ll want three outfits to wear for the duration of it. These outfits should be a representation of you, your personal style, & your brand!

This is not your typical stuffy business conference filled with colleagues in uncomfortable business casual attire.

Feel free to dress however you are most comfortable. I’m personally a jeans girl so 99% of the time you’ll find me in jeans & PJX is no different. Maybe you love matching sets, maxi dresses, or flowy pants — whatever that is, embrace it!

We posted a reel with a bunch of outfit ideas on IG if you need a little inspiration.

My biggest outfit planning tips for PJX are:

  • wear comfortable shoes (if you haven’t been to Vegas before, there’s a lot of walking). The days are long & you don’t want your sore feet to interrupt your good time.
  • layer! It’s HOT in Vegas this time of year, but we’ll be inside so you may find yourself getting chilly. Breathable materials like cotton are great for this weather. We usually like to wear a tank or short sleeve top and bring a jacket or light layer of some sort for when we’re inside.

PJX is a great time to meet or catch up with some of the fellow business owners you’ve met online & there’s no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas. Plan a couple of outfits for dinner, seeing a show, or a night on the town. There are NO rules in Vegas so feel free to go all out on fun outfits for this!

Of course you’ll need pajamas, bras, underwear, socks, etc. I’ve included all of the boring stuff on the downloadable PDF checklist for you below.



PJX is a unique opportunity to meet the manufacturers & suppliers of some of your favorite products. Even though Vegas is a (really) good time, we will be there for the purpose of business.

It's not everyday that you can meet the people behind your favorite brands.

Sunstone will be there with their welder lineup so you can test them out. You’ll even have the chance to meet Jonathan, the CEO of sunstone.

Essbe Jewelry Supply will be there. Jenna & I (Sarah) are so excited to spend a few days with you again this year. It was so fun putting faces to names lat year & I have a feeling this year will be even better!

All of that to say, there are some things you won’t want to forget when it comes to your business!

  • business cards — this is the easiest way to pass your info along to someone you meet. Make sure they include your name & your social handles. Names are so hard to remember, but if the card is branded like your business with your name it’ll be easier for people to remember you. If you don’t have personal business cards, you still have time to order some! They are inexpensive and worth it in my opinion.
  • a portable phone charger  This one is my favorite. It has a few different cords so you can charge multiple different types of items.  You’ll likely want to capture a lot while you’re there from behind-the-scenes for your audience to products you want to buy, selfies with your new friends, etc. A dying phone is not the vibe!
  • proof of sales tax exemption — The best way to buy wholesale is tax-free which means you need a sales tax exemption. If you are new to purchasing from a supplier, you should have that on hand so you can set up an account with them and not be charged sales tax on your purchases. 
  • business credit card — Tracking your business expenses is much easier when they're all in one place. The PJX Marketplace will have all of your favorite suppliers in one place which means you'll have the opportunity to shop in person to stock up for your business. 
    (TIP: call your bank to let them know you'll be traveling ahead of time so your card isn't declined for suspected fraud)
  • Laptop — You may be leaving town, but as a business owner, you know it's hard to turn it off completely. You may find yourself so inspired during PJX that you'll want to start crossing some things off your to-do list when you get back to your hotel at night.
  • Tote bag — Being a tote bag with you for your traveling and then you'll already have one to bring to PJX. You will want somewhere to store all of the goodies you buy, your portable charger, water bottle, any handouts or paperwork from brands, etc.
  • Chargers — This is one of the most forgotten items when travelings. Remember to pack the chargers for your laptop, Apple watch, phone, tablet, etc.

As promised, here's the checklist for you. Feel free to print it out to use while you're packing! I included extra spots so you can personalize it how you see fit.

See you in Vegas, friends!