Best Selling Chain For Our Permanent Jewelry Business

There are so many chain styles available for your permanent jewelry business! From classic .925 sterling silver chains to modern 14k gold-filled chains, there is something for everyone. All of our chains at Essbe Jewelry Supply can be used to create a variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. I know that with so many options it can be difficult to decide what styles are best for your customers! We have a sister company, Essbe, which is our retail store, where we personally use Essbe Jewelry Supply chain for permanent jewelry. I want to share a few of our best selling chains!

For the classic girlie:
You can't go wrong with a paperclip chain! It is one of the simplest yet most beautiful chains. Whether it's silver or gold-filled, this chain has a timeless look. At Essbe Jewelry Supply we offer it in different sizes and thicknesses. For similar styles, check out the mini paperclip chain and the rounded paperclip chain.

For the one who wants to add texture to their stack:
The dapped bar chain has been a staple since the beginning! This piece stands out beautifully because the light catches it perfectly. It is perfect for everyday wear and will create a stunning statement.

For the favorite men in our lives:
It's great seeing couples get permanent jewelry together! As men have become more interested in permanent jewelry, we have had to introduce more chains that appeal to them. The curb chain has definitely been our best-selling chain for men. It is the type of chain they prefer to get with their significant others because it is classic yet sturdy. Looking for a thicker chain? Check out the medium curb chain.

For the one-a-kind girlie:
I have two suggestions for unique chains for your permanent jewelry business! The first is a staple at Essbe, the curved bar chain. With each link being curved, it creates a beautiful texture and dimension. As a result of its similarity to a wave on a beach, customers also call it a wave chain. Another chain that comes to mind is the long & short chain, the latest addition to Essbe Jewelry Supply. This chain features long and short links that are carefully intertwined. This unique style gives the chain a unique look and makes it stand out from other chain styles.

Overall, I strive at Essbe Jewelry Supply to have a variety of chain styles to offer, each with their own distinct features and characteristics, making it easy to find the perfect chain for your permanent jewelry business! If you need help figuring out how much chain to buy, check out my blog on buying for your permanent jewelry business by clicking here.